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Connect, Energize and Thrive

Guided Shamanic Journey, Divine Connection and Energy Healing Transmission

June 19th 7-9pm


Sold Out stay tuned for next time


In this two hour experiential event you will:

· Own your true powers of creation and step into partnership with the creative and abundant energy of Life.

· Experience a guided shamanic journey to release limits and open to the guidance of your Unconditional Higher Self and Soul.

· Divine Connection: I open a doorway for you to connect with and experience the peace, love, confidence, freedom and wisdom of your Divine Higher Self & Soul.

· Receive a powerful energy transmission and shamanic sound healing to release the buildup of tension, stuffed emotions and blockages and to balance & strengthen chakras, chi, energy fields brain waves


A few common results from those who’ve have attended:

· Alleviate pain, tension, anxiety, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, negative mind chatter and more!

· Increases energy, mental clarity, circulations, vitality and general emotional and physical wellbeing.

· Increased feelings of peace, power, confidence, abundance and feeling supported by Life

· Relax and calm frazzled nerves

You will be laying down during the meditation so bring pillows, blanket and whatever padding you need to lay down for at least 45+ minutes.

I’ve never experienced such peace and calm. This was more powerful than many in person individual healings I’ve experienced.”  Sharon

"I was expecting a nice meditation, not a full on healing!"  Angela

When: June 19th 7-9pm We start at 7pm so please arrive 10-15 minutes      before to set your space and settle in.

Where San Diego 92117. Address is given upon registration.

Cost: Pre-registration means pre-pay and is required as this is an intimate group and sells out fast.

Early-bird price $30  Click here.  Must register/pre-pay by June 14th

Price after June 14th: $40


I have a Bengal cat, which are practically dander free which means no airborne allergens. But I say practically. Each person is different so do what you need to take care of yourself.





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If it's so powerful why such a low price?  In offering it as a group online event I can provide this healing work at a fraction of my private sessions.
Is it as powerful as a private session? The energy work is the same level. The difference with private session is it is  1 1/2 hour  healing that includes a more comprehensive and individualized addressing of the underlying issues creating how it is along with the wisdom to integrate lasting changes.