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Energize & Thrive

Revitalize Body, Mind & Spirit



July 12th,   7-9pm (PST)

You are invited to experience the physical and emotional peace, wisdom and love of your divine self.

This powerful event is only available for 10 participants at a time so it fills up fast. You will be laying down during the guided journey and while  receiving the energy healing so bring comfy things to lay on such as a blanket and a pillow.

“I've never experienced such peace and calm. This was more powerful than many in person individual healings I’ve experienced.”  Sharon

"I was expecting a nice meditation, not a full on healing!"  Angela



1. Guided Journey & Divine Soul Connection. This is more than a meditation because it includes my ability to take you to connect with and experience your Divine Higher Self and Soul.  This is the part of you that sees, understands and believes beyond the limits of the mind and body because it lives in 100%  awareness of your true nature and holds the wisdom of how your Partnership with Life really works.  Connecting with this part of yourself helps you to see and grow beyond the limits of the mind in order to manifest health, happiness, relationships and success beyond what you believe possible or have created so far.

2. Emotional & Life Wisdom: Each month a different Wisdom-lesson for applying the Laws of Creation or Emotional Wisdom to better co-create with Life and transform how you relate to yourself, your feelings and body, other people and life circumstances.

3. A 40 minute group energy healing. As you relax in higher consciousness, Linda will:

  • Energetically clear tension, stress, toxins, stuffed emotions and blockages.
  • Open, balance & strengthen your physical body, ( hormonal, digestive, immune, organs, nervous system, muscles and brain waves & neurotransmitters)
  • Harmonize your body's energy systems to increase energy, mental clarity and general emotional well being.  (chakras, meridians, brain waves, chi, nuero-transmitters, polarity, etc. )
  • Decrease Fatigue, Pain, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Tension, Stress, Mental Fuzziness & more!
  • Increase inner peace, confidence, being present, relaxation, energy and feeling connected and supported by Life,


When: June 1st 7-9pm  PST


Location San Diego 92117. Address is given upon registration. In person is limited and fills up quickly so it's good to pre-register to save a space.

Earlybird price if you register/pre-pay by July 10th: $30

Price after July 10th: $40




Will this help to heal chronic health issues? Yes it can.  In 17 years of doing this work 97% of my clients feel an improvement in how they feel physically.  They feel lighter and a decrease in physical symptoms.  For some doing the combination of emotional and energetic healing creates such a drastic change in how they feel  that many health symptoms fall away and never come back. For others, it's a process due to where they are in the process and what they they need to learn and heal emotionally or physically in order to come back to full health and wellness and to support themselves in sustaining and living it.

One woman at the end of a private session kept shaking her head and saying, "I can't believe it. I came for emotional healing around my mother but didn'treally believe she could alleviate the digestive issues and pain I'd lived with my entire life. I'd done years of energy and emotional healing and holistic and traditional treatments and nothing had ever fully alleviated the constant achiness.    After my first session, I had no pain and felt so relaxed even though I walked in at an 8 on pain scale due to eating something bad which had aggravated my stomach. And, when I went to visit my mom who I'd had traumatic upbringing I was able to not get caught up in her drama and make my needs and desires a priority."

All healers have those clients that have instant healing, and the reality is even these require some form of integration in order to sustain it.   This event is part of the process and is why the core transformation and integrative emotional wisdom are key for fully healing ingrained health and emotional patterns. Then again, anything's possible!

Will this heal ingrained emotional patterns? There is a difference between clearing stuffed emotions and the process of fully healing ingrained patterns. I do both. Yes it can in that experiencing and embracing a connection with your true nature and Oneness with Life can be a life changer. It increases feelings of trust, confidence, supported, loved and many other positive feelings. When we are in this state of mind we can see that our doubts, limiting beliefs and other negative feelings are false and all is possible.    So yes, you can have shifts in consciousness and thus an emotional healing.  No, in that this event doesn't include all the wisdom that may be necessary to integrate lasting changes.

If you've done years of healing and keep having the same emotional responses, judgments, stress, negative thinking etc. coming up, then this is often due to not realizing you aren't applying all the steps for healing unconscious conditioning are different than the steps for just 'having a shift in perspective'


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If it's so powerful why such a low price?  In offering it as a group online event I can provide this healing work at a fraction of my private sessions.
Is it as powerful as a private session? The energy work is the same level. The difference with private session is it is  1 1/2 hour  healing that includes a more comprehensive and individualized addressing of the underlying issues creating how it is along with the wisdom to integrate lasting changes.