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Owning Power & Centering in Abundance Video

Welcome and hugs of light and love to you! This video is my way of helping you to step into conscious partnership with the abundant energy of Life    The first couple minutes are instructions for getting the most value, so if you wish to skip to the meditation, go in about 1.5 minutes.

Centering in Abundance consciousness isn't about whether or not you already believe in these concepts. It is the act of consciously recognizing these higher truths as THE HIGHER TRUTH over your minds automatic beliefs that turns doubt and anxiety into trust, judgment into peace and acceptance, and feeling powerless into feeling anything is possible. Consciously recognizing higher truth AS THE HIGHER TRUTH in those moments you are feeling limited is the act of 'conscious choice' that shifts how you feel in the next moment. This process is part of learning to apply the first Law of Creation. It re-opens your mind and heart to believing beyond what you see or feel or have created so far!  Next comes learning to focus the power of your choices by learning to apply the other four Laws of Creation and the Emotional Wisdom Linda has developed to your daily life, feelings and goals.

To learn more about how to transform your life on profound levels attend one of my free classes or schedule a free 15  minute consultation to see if this wisdom and process is for you.

Hugs of light and love,

Linda White


Take your Partnership with Life to the next level!  Learn how to Live and create FROM a heartfelt awareness of Unconditional trust, love, power and abundance.