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Physical Healing & Vibrant Health

For more information on my energy work methods see Advanced Energy Healing

Our physical and emotional well being are intertwined.  What you feel physically affects your general emotional well being and what you believe consciously and subconsciously, which produces your emotions, stress and tension, affects how your body physically responds to and experiences the world around you.  Thus, if you have a chronic illness, pain or fatigue this can produce fatigue and this can produce feeling depressed; if you tend to consistently judge yourself or feel anxious this produces stress and tension which can lead to fatigue, pain and illness.

One of the most powerful tools for healing physically is the ancient practice of energy work . . . because you are energy! Your body turns air, water and food into energy in order to process it.  Even the The latest studies in nuero science are now acknowledging more than ever that our thoughts affect the cellular structure of cells and how DNA is expressed.

You may seem a solid being, separate from others, but you're not.  Our body, thoughts, feelings and brain waves are energy, frequencies and vibrations. We are creative energy in form interconnected with the world around us.

There are many explanations for how energy works from the airy fairy to the scientific.  In its simplest form a trained practitioner is able to focus the life force energy present in your body and all things just as a magnifying glass can be used to focus the suns energy to start a fire. Your body is filled with billions of atoms and flowing through them is energy.  These are 99.99999 . . . energy and very little matter. Just one atom opened up would light up New York City! When this energy is strengthened it expands and emits energy. When due to stress, illness or suppression of feelings this energy becomes constricted and just how a dam blocks a river going to the valley, so does this cause blockages and imbalances that cause depletion of bodily functions.

I clear these blockages, restore your system to balance and strengthen the flow of energy which is like opening the dam and letting the river revitalize the valley. This can produce what seems to be miraculous physical results.  It's cause and effect. One reason is that I calm your nervous system which resets your autonomic nervous system and adrenals. When the adrenals are activated constantly, which is where many people live, this cause energy to be diverted from the digestive, immune, endocrine and other systems. By calming and restoring balance, and strengthening the flow of energy, this increases circulation and your body's ability to heal and regenerate itself.


Results of restoring physical and energetic balance reported by my clients the last 19 years:

  • Decreases pain, fatigue, headaches, symptoms of chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia,
  • Helps your body heal cancer.
  • Alleviates the buildup of tension and stress that contributes to anxiety and depression.
  • Increases energy, mental clarity, general health and well being, vitality and athletic performance.
  • Clears the build up of tension, stress and blocked energy that is a primary factor in causing chronic illness, pain, fatigue as well as depression and anxiety.
  • Digestive, problems, hormonal imbalances that contribute to depression
  • Open and strengthens the flow of energy to increaseyour body getting the energy it needs to do it's job.
  • Increase stamina, relaxation & circulation whihc increases energy, mental clarity & your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself
  • Heal the Adrenal fatigue which is a primary factor in majority of health issues.
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lymes, auto-immune and other major illnesses because it increases your bodies ability to heal itself.
  • Being drained by others, depression, addictions and sexual dysfunction
  • Decrease frequency of colds and recover from surgery and childbirth faster

Now, this doesn't mean that energy work alone does everything, just as doing yoga, chiropractic or nutrition doesn't do everything. Which is why I combine it with addressing any underlying belief patterns that constrict energy or limit healing, freedom of being, creation and connecting with others and higher consciousness. I also do a very unique form of energy work that directly takes you to experience, align with and reconnect you with the higher wisdom of your divine higher self and soul. (read more here)  Combined with teaching you to access and live this higher consciousness allows you to experience and live at a higher level of peace and emotional well being than before.

The Emotional Factors Affecting Your Health

According to the CDC 80% of chronic health issues are caused by stress and stress is primarily caused by how you perceive and relate to yourself, others, feelings and life circumstances. This doesn't mean it's your fault by the way, or all in your head, all it means is that what and how you relate to feelings and life circumstances supports balance and wholeness or constricts energy. Over time this creates very real imbalances that cause physical blockages.

Why do our feelings affect the body? First of all, different thoughts have different frequencies that activate different chemical responses in the body. If you are feeling fear, frustration, overwhelm, self judgment, expectation of judgment, anxiety, anger, blame, or feeling powerless, these can activate your sympathetic nervous s(fight or flight) system.  This causes the adrenal glands to flood the body with stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol which diverts blood away from the gut and and other vital systems in order to have the energy to fight or keep going.

Over time this creates physical imbalances and blockages that produced very real health issues the same way that if a garden can't get the water it needs to thrive, it dies.

The bigger problem:  In working with emotional and physical issues with clients for myself and others for over 20 years I see that the bigger problem is how we relate to and deal with our feelings, other people and life circumstances.  Self judgments or expectation of judgment, anxiety, overwhelm, hyper-sensitivities, send different signals that produce different chemicals that also active your fight or flight system.  What compounds this is that not knowing how to deal with this in a healthy way and shift back to trust, safe, confident and loved makes it worse is that patterns of suppressing and denying such feelings, of trying not to feel such feelings, creates activates the parasympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and adrenals the same as if you're in real danger. If you don't know how to change limiting relationships or careers; or you tend to judge yourself and don't know how to change the judgments or other feelings it leads to trying not to feel them, stuffing them, denying them, blaming others and staying stuck in anxiety, anger, etc.  This produces an ongoing tension that also activates the adrenals and cuts off the flow of energy through your body.   Over time this decreases your bodies ability to heal and regenerate just as over time hard water builds up and blocks the pipes in your house causing them to not work.

In addition, it's stressful enough dealing with pain or chronic illness, and if you tend to judge and stuff emotions, or have trouble making your needs a priority, asking for help, setting boundaries and give to yourself the positive support you need you're not going to suddenly know how. Which is why learning how to better relate to yourself and feelings, shift limiting beliefs and behaviors and to positively affect life circumstances is for many an important part of healing. To not deal with feelings then a large portion of energy is not utilized for healing.

Over time this created physical imbalances and blockages that produced very real health issues the same way that if a garden can't get the water it needs to thrive, it dies.



Which is why part of physical healing may include learning to give to yourself the level of emotional and physical support to fully heal.




I'd had an ultrasound that showed two masses on an enlarged thyroid and was scheduled for a biopsy. After our healing session, I felt better physically and emotionally, but the real test was at the biopsy appointment where they repeated the tests twice because one was no where to be found and the other which had been 1 cm was barely there.  Linda Long

I came to Linda to heal some personal issues, as we shifted these and I embraced that golden light I went from seeing my chiropractor twice a week to twice a month for maintenance! Lisa S.

I came to Linda after a year of dealing with IBS and fatigue.  I could hardly eat anything and the medications and supplements and diet plan the doctor and naturopath were only doing so much. From the first session I felt better and stronger physically and becoming more accepting of myself helped me to heal the self criticism that literally had my stomach in knots. - Suzanne

I've done energy work for years but Linda's is the most powerful I've experienced, she is the real deal.  - Karen

As I drove home from my first session with Linda I felt a level of peace I'd never felt before and suddenly noticed the constant stomach and back ache I always had was almost gone! She does more than guide you to shift and balance the body, she empowered me to give myself emotional support and work with the energy of my body so I was a co-creator in my healing process.