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About Linda White


Master Life Teacher, Shaman, Healer and Creator of Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom

Linda has been helping people to transform emotional, health, relationship and prosperity patterns for over 15 years. Her deep understanding of how to apply ALL life principles, change feelings and energetic healing allows her to guide you to understand and apply even the most complex ideas in spirituality, psychology, consciousness, and personal growth so that they actually work!

Linda developed her deep understanding of how to apply life principles from using them to transform all areas of her own life. She has developed loving and supportive relationships and has been a successful entrepreneur for 31 years. The last 13 years as a successful healer and life teacher with a nationwide practice. Linda has also used these principles to heal chronic health issues and to lose 150 lbs without surgery or fad diets. Most important she kept it off!  And she did this all as a single parent, raising a son to be proud of.


Though it’s easy to see the result of losing 150 lbs., or her success as a Life Teacher, Linda considers her greatest accomplishment to be the level at which she has healed the unconscious conditioning that limits creation and enjoyment of life. It is learning to live “unconditionally,” that has given her the freedom of being we all desire, the confidence and trust to live her dreams, and the wisdom to love with an open heart and to enjoy life however the process of creation is going.


How Integrative Core Healing was Developed!

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