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Advanced Energetic Clearing, Balancing & Healing

Divine Core Connections

Soul Healing & Retrieval

Modern Shamanism

Sound Healing



How I developed the advanced energy wisdom: I became a Reiki Master in 1998 because a woman teaching it experienced my work and said I was already doing energetic clearing and healing work and that being attuned would enhance it, which it did! Energy work added an element of healing that took the transformational core work I'd learned and developed to higher levels. It allowed me to release physical blockages caused by years of tension, stress, trauma and the energy of stuffed emotions and limiting beliefs. As I began to work with clients the same divine wisdom that guided me to develop Core Transformation, Integrative Emotional and Manifestation Wisdom began to show me how to apply develop multiple and more advanced methods and techniques. Names for some of these include Theta, Prahna, Healing Touch, NLP, Neuro-emotional release, psychic surgery, chakra therapy, time-line therapy,  shamanic healing, energy clearing, extraction, Camay (blowing the light back into a person) modern soul retrieval & healing, sacred geometry, medicine wheel, journey work breathwork, etc.   My favorite was being shown how to take clients through a doorway and instantly feel,  meet and embody the wisdom and consciousness of their Divine Higher Self.

Every session includes energy work based upon what you need and addressing other aspects of Mind - Body - Spirit that are necessary for full healing.   I combine it with guiding you to become conscious with and transform ingrained belief and behavior patterns because your thoughts and actions are energy. How you perceive and relate to yourself, others, feelings and life circumstances, how you do or don't take care of yourself, is what constricts your energy and  creates the blockages and imbalances causing health problems, anxiety, reactions, overwhelm, etc.

I came even if I didn't believe in this type of thing because a friend said it would help me heal the constant achiness, overwhelm and anxiety I hadn't been able to heal.  By the end of the session I felt a level of peace and relaxation I didn't believe possible!   - Nancy

Linda is the real deal.  - Tammy


Divine Core Connections

Consciously experience and embrace the higher truth of who you are and your partnership and oneness with Source on a heartfelt level. (God, Universal Energy, Creator, etc. minus religious misconceptions).  This is a re-connection with your Divine Higher Self and Soul, which is the part of you that lives in unconditional trust, love, power, acceptance, compassion and abundance because it exists beyond the limits of the mind and body.

You are always one with your Divine Higher Self and Source, you just lost touch with feeling it, or accessing it's wisdom due to formation of conditional and limiting beliefs formed from your past experiences and suppression of your feelings, needs and unique self. This re-connection is like creating a short cut on your computer to programs that are already there that allows you to access it more easily. When you reunite with your divine higher self feel the peace, love, warmth, wisdom, freedom and support of it's higher consciousness. I combine this with the wisdom to more easily access this higher awareness, trust your intuitive guidance and to develop a personal relationship with this higher and wiser part of you.

When I walked through the door I instantly felt a level of peace and feeling supported by Life that I've never felt before. AS I worked with Linda I not only got my life back but learned to work with my own energy and feelings in a powerful way. - Sharon Conway

I've believed in my oneness for a long time, and used to leave my body to connect with higher consciousness, now I feel it in my body and it guides me as I live my life.  - Melissa



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Soul Healing/Retrieval

Soul retrieval is similar to core connections because these lost aspects of self are a part of your Divine Higher Self. It is different in that soul retrieval is reconnecting with the specific consciousness of your higher soul that you've lost touch with or didn't develop growing up. These patterns are stronger when emotional or physical needs weren't met, you experienced lack of positive support, excessive criticism, traumatic events or abuse or are highly sensitive. Though this disconnect can be more severe with traumatic experiences or abuse, this disconnect also occurs for everyone due to formation of conditioning.

How to tell if you need a soul retrieval or core connection:
If you have trouble feeling positive feelings such as trust, joy, peace, or the freedom to be and express yourself in a long time. If you take things far too personally or feel bad any time someone is or might get upset and avoidance is your middle name.  If you struggle with anxiety or depression or other chronic health or emotional issues. If you find yourself over-reactive, over emotional, defensive, overwhelmed by the world around you, stuffing your feelings and can't stop doing it; If you are mental with with feelings, and the idea of setting boundaries or expressing your needs is just not doable.  These are just a few examples.



Advanced Energy Work

Sound Healing, Energetic Clearing, Balancing, Nuero-Emotional Release, Brain Wave balancing, Accelerated Regeneration, Chakra Attunement & More!

Whether the original cause is physical or emotional, I clear out of your body the build up of stress, tension, stuffed emotions, physical blockages and unconscious agreement with limits that contribute to or cause chronic health issues and hyper-sensitivities

Like an energetic plumber, this re-opens the natural flow of energy in your body and energy fields which enhances and accelerates your body's natural healing process. She returns you to a state of balance and wholeness that increases energy, strength and stamina, mental clarity and feeling great IN YOUR BODY.

The following are a few of the areas and many physical results I've had from 18 years of helping people.  Some of these occur directly from energy work and others are a result of the emotional clearing work I do.   Each person's rate of healing is different and affected by where you are in your journey, the level of how you're taking care of yourself physically and emotionally and whether or not you are doing all that is necessary for your healing.

  • Balance and heal the adrenals as well as the hormonal, digestive, immune and autonomic nervous system.
  • Clear what causes IBS, Acid Reflux, Leaky gut, intestinal issues, liver, kidney and spleen dificiencies.
  • Transform the stress and other factors causing fatigue, pain, intestinal issues such as IBs, leaky gut, acid refux.
  • Decrease pain, high blood pressure, chronic health issues and disease and decrease frequency of colds, bronchitis as well as allergy and sinus problems
  • Balance hyper sensitivities that can magnify how your body responds to other people's energies and feelings.
  • Transform the underlying causes of pain, tension, stress, headaches, migraines, arthritis, circulation, muscle pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia,
  • Nuero-Emotional and Energetic Release of the physical build up of tension from these and the blockages they produced.
  • Clear pathogens,  toxins, pesticides, herbicides and residue from medications and GMO's.
  • Accelerated healing and regeneration.
  • Balance brain waves, nuero transmitters and open the flow of energies to allow better processing.
  • Weight issues & Addictions
  • Increase stamina, energy, mental clarity, creativity, relaxation, and circulation & increase general well being.
  • Erectile and sexual dysfunction, panic attacks, PTSD,
  • Ancestral, DNA and genetic Clearing: Whether it’s genetics, past lives or that the beliefs of you’re ancestors passed on energetically through the womb, these have an affect on the foundation you create in this life.

I'd had an ultrasound that showed two masses on an enlarged thyroid. I was scheduled for a biopsy and since I was taking a class with Linda I decided to do a private session to address any emotional or physical blockages. Afterwards I felt better physically and emotionally, but the real test was at the biopsy appointment where the technician had a really tough time locating the two masses seen on the previous ultrasound (around 1 cm big each) but could only find one of them and the other was very faint and barely perceptable. She ran another ultrasound while the doctor was there and the results were the same. .  -Linda Long

Other services: Ceremonies for rebirth,birthday's, weddings, death, transformation, spiritual/energetic baptism, Space Clearing and Blessing,





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