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To discover if Integrative Core Healing

is your next step I offer the following FREE Opportunities:

FREE 15 minute Consultation (Click Here)

This is an opportunity to ask questions and  find out what I can do to help you take your personal growth and healing process to the next level.  This is not a healing session even though people often say they shift just talking to me and feel my energy over the phone and find it very calming. This 15 minute session is to help you understand why you haven't been able to create the level of changes you desire and what is necessary to create them at the level you desire. (see private session page for an over view).  It's a chance to see if you resonate with me and what I offer at no cost or obligation to do anything else.

FREE Video for Owning Your Power and Centering in Abundance consciousness Click Here



Host any of the following events (can be in person, online or a tele-conference healing) or have me as a guest speaker for your friends, organization, business, church or support group and earn FREE sessions. Just like the old Tupperware parties, by hosting an event that introduces me to other people interested in personal growth and physical healing you earn credit towards FREE private session and classes.

There are three options:

1. Host an event others pay to attend such as Group Energy Healing, Healing Circle, Master Manifesting Master Mind or a topic uniquely designed for your group. You attend for FREE plus you receive a FREE private session or credit towards classes. ($220 value) You also earn additional credit for anyone who schedules a private session or hosts their own event. These can also be set up as a monthly event for you and your friends and create ongoing credit.  You attend for free plus receive a FREE 1.5 hour session

2. Have me be a guest speaker at a group you're part of or introduce me to people who have groups.  This credit is based upon how many people attend or come for session from it. Must be a minimum of 12 people and can be in person or online. (You earn 1 hour session plus credit if people from the group sign up for session or host an event)

3. Referrals: For each person who comes for session initially you receive a credit of $20 and if they do a six month series an additional $50 credit. My clients tend to refer but this is a way to say thank you. This $20 referral fee can also be given to your friends as a discount for their first session.

I created these two options because some of my clients didn't have the funds to do the amount of private work they wanted and needed to do and others wanted to introduce me to their friends but didn't know how to explain what I do.   Though group events aren't the as in depth as a private session, it does contain elements of it and it allows people to experience the Emotional, Energetic and Life Wisdom and energetic healing work I do.  All at a lower rate than a private session. Thus, they get to meet me as they also heal and grow and you receive credit towards private session for setting things up and bringing people together!

Group Energy Healing. This two hour experiential event includes an Emotional or Life Wisdom Lesson, a guided journey to connect consciously with your Higher Self along with an energetic clearing and balancing of the body and energy fields. The energy part is done laying down for 45-60 minutes so it’s important to bring something comfy to lay on. The cost per person is $30-50 per person depending upon the size of the group. Requires gathering at least 6 people and can include as many as you'd like. Read more here: Group Energy Healing

Group Energy Healing Online: Same as above for those of you that don't live in San Diego or have people who aren't in San Diego or time is an issue. $30 per person with a minimum of 8 people.

Healing Circle: This is a smaller more intimate event and lasts 3-3.5 hour. It gives each person an individual mini reading, energetic clearing as well as connecting them with their divine higher self. Because we're all connected and similar, as each person shifts, all in the group shift. It also includes emotional wisdom for owning power, increasing confidence and other empowering sifts and guided group chakra and body healing.   $60 per person limit to 8 people.

Healing the Sensitive Soul: Highly sensitive/intuitive/empathic people can face greater challenges than others. This all day workshop teaches energetic and emotional tools to heal hyper sensitivity, heal why you get so drained by others and other wisdom that will change your life.

Guest Speaker: We all have groupeaker:of that have guest speakers come in, have me be a guest speaker at your group

Manifestation Mastery Workshop: This 6 hour event is for learning and applying the laws of creation to manifest life goals beyond what you believe possible combined with guided journeys and energetic healing to embrace higher consciousness.  $100 per person (6 people minimum)

Master Manifesting Master Mind: The above workshop can become an 8 week or an ongoing group. A weekly 1.5 -2 hour class and master mind to support applying these steps to daily life.  $25-40 per week per person depending upon how many attend.