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Private Sessions

Private sessions provide the individual guidance for you to heal emotionally and physically and manifest your dreams. Since you are a unique individual, each session is intuitively guided based upon what you want to transform, which aspects of healing you need and where you are in your process of healing, growth and creation. Each session produces immediate changes in how you feel emotionally and physically. Ongoing sessions accummutavely strengthens your body, un-conditions old patterns and develops new pathways and emotional muscles in the brain which makes it easier to change how you live, create, relate to and experience life.

It's okay to come for one session, especially if you aren't sure if this is for you. Afterwards I recommend doing a series because a shift is powerful, it will change your life but integration is the key to lasting changes.   There is a big difference between believing in higher consciousness vs applying it, and learning techniques vs the whole process.

I provide discounts for those committed to doing the deeper integration that is key for developing the inner foundation and wisdom that produces lasting emotional, physical and life changes.


Core Belief Pattern Transformation.

This deep session

What is a Core Belief Pattern?

A Core Belief is a strong conclusion formed unconsciously by your mind from past experiences through the process of learning called conditioning. These unconscious conclusions are what produces your automatic emotional responses (feelings). Then when these feelings kept coming up we came to believe that our feelings are caused by the circumstances and behaviors of others. Not knowing better as a child, you accepted these feelings as true even if other parts of you believe, feel say and do as the defining of whether or not we are loved, valued, supported, safe, etc. From this were then formed additional beliefs and behaviors regarding the right and wrong ways to think, feel, be or express yourself that led you to suppress and and stuff emotions and needs and develop coping patterns. The basis of these were formed by the ages of 5-8. It created a filter through which you over time produced your present day beliefs, feelings and how you relate to yourself, feelings, other people and life circumstances.

1. Core Pattern Transformation: I compassionately and intuitively help you to become aware of, own and consciously shift on heartfelt levels these ingrained core beliefs, judgments, conditioning and hyper-sensitivities that are the root cause of present day feelings and are why you still get triggered as you do even if you know better. These patterns affect how you relate to and respond to yourself, feelings, other people and life circumstances, as well as your ability to create the level and quality of relationships, health, happiness and success you desire. This includes being the primary cause of stress and tension that constrict the flow of energy in the body creating very real health issues. In this process we go back into the past to understand and shift the core beliefs formed growing up and to re-pattern what you have shifted. This includes


2. Advanced Energetic Healing and Physical Balancing: I energetically clear the buildup agreement with these limits and the buildup of stress, tension, and blockages caused by stuffed emotions, hyper-sensitivities, limiting behaviors and imbalanced lifestyle. I then balance, open and reset your body’s natural energy systems to enhance your body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself.  (This includes meridians, chakras, brain waves, neurotransmitters, nervous system, digestive and hormonal, and more see below.)

3. Divine Higher Self Connection & Soul Retrieval : (This is not a guided visualization.)  Experience a heartfelt connection with the unconditional peace, love, freedom, trust and wisdom of your Divine Higher Self and Soul. This is the part of you that lives in 100% awareness of your true nature and how life really works because it sees and understands beyond the limits of the mind. (Read more)

4. Integrative Emotional  Wisdom: If you've done powerful healing and growth and the same 'stuff' keeps coming back up, or you aren't able to create or sustain the level of positive feelings or life results you desire, it's because you haven't learned how to un-condition conditioning, heal hyper-sensitivities or developed the inner foundation that is key to experiencing lasting changes. Thus, you may have opened to unconditonal love, but need to learn to create healthier relationships; you will step into your power and oneness but not how to manifest fully.

As you apply Emotional wisdom you will immediately feel a difference.  The more you understand and apply it, the more you will develop and maintain higher levels of confidence, trust, happiness, self love, acceptance, compassion, surrender, and freedom of being.

[ Transform how you relate to yourself, deal with feelings and un-condition ingrained patterns causing how you react to other people and life circumstances.

[ Go beyond releasing limits, fears judgments and limiting beliefs by healing what causes them!

[ Feel free to be and express your unique self, feelings, needs and boundaries and receive the support you deserve!

[ Increase trust, confidence, peace, acceptance, freedom of being, love, surrender, etc.,

[ More fully heal limiting beliefs, stress, low self-worth, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, guilt and other reactive feelings

5. Manifestation Wisdom:  Attitude is key and we must also learn how to change limiting life circumstances and relationships. I guide you to own true power and apply the Laws of Creation to manifest the quality of relationships, success, health and life you desire - beyond what you've learned to believe, feel or create so far.

6. Energy Wisdom: Learn to work with the energy of your body and develop your own healing skills.


Advanced Energy Healing, shamanic journey & Divine Connection

1.5 hour first time, ($175) after that is also available as a 1 hour session ($120)

In this session the emphasis is focused more on addressing the physical and energetic imbalances of your body and enhancing the flow of energy to accelerate healing and regeneration. This can also be combined with shamanic journeying.

1. Energetic clearing, release and balancing: I energetically release and clear the build up of stuffed emotions, tension, stress and blockages caused by ingrained conditioning, limiting beliefs and living out of balance. I then balance and strengthen your body's natural energy systems which restore you to a state of balance that increases vitality, energy, mental clarity and general well being. This may includes chakra attunement, Reiki, Prana and other methods of energy healing, balancing of meridians, chi, brain waves and neurotransmitters, sacred geometry, connect with your divine body blueprint, bio-field clearing and more in order to restore balance physically, emotionally and energetically.   (Click here for a list of health issues I've helped clients to heal or reduce.

2. Divine Soul Connection Experience the unconditional trust, love, confidence, acceptance, freedom, support, strength and abundance of your divine higher self and soul that lives every moment in oneness with Source/God and the wisdom of creation. This includes how to work with this higher part of you for guidance to manifest the health, happiness, relationships and success you desire.

3.  Emotional and Manifestation Wisdom How to better relate to and work with your feelings, integrate core beliefs to heal conditioning, express your needs, boundaries  and more easily manifest life goals. You may not feel you need to do emotional work for healing health problems, but how you deal with feelings is one of the primary causes of tension and stress.. According to the CDC, stress is one of the primary factors causing present day health problems.

4.  Shamanic Journey Guided and non-guided journeys for you to connect with and receive guidance from your higher self, soul and source.



A few examples of what clients have experiences from these sessions:

  • Experience higher levels of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance which are key to
  • Heal the judgments that block healing, growth and happiness
  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs that block living your dreams and develop the consistent confidence, trust and wisdom to stay in the flow of creation.
  • Heal the emotional causes of health issues such as intestinal, headaches, panic attacks, PTSD, fatigue and other chronic issues
  • Stop taking things personally and being run by the moods of others
  • Experience freedom of being and self expression
  • Own your power and heal the conditioning that causes you to give it away.
  • Manifest professional and personal goals with greater ease and joy,
  • Unconditional happiness, inner peace, self love, compassion and  and spiritual connection however life is going.
  • Stop being drained by others people or crowds
  • Manifest empowering and supportive personal and professional relationships.
  • Ask for what you want, express your needs, boundaries and feelings, feel okay doing it and receive the support you deserve.
  • More fun and personal connection with others
  • Greater emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Heal anger, resentment, guilt, grief, low self worth, overwhelm, frustration, frustration
  • Give to yourself and feel the emotional support you always wanted from others along with how to better receive this from others.
  • Heal the unconscious conditioning which is why old patterns keep coming up and you get triggered by people and circumstances.
  • And so much more!

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Linda provides personalized guidance to heal the limiting core beliefs and the unconscious conditioning that limits how you live, relate and create in life.  Each session produces immediate changes in how you feel and relate to yourself, others and life. This is combined with the guidance to integrate and develop new heartfelt beliefs and behaviors that are the key to creating the level and quality of emotional changes, health, success and relationships you desire.