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    Welcome to Integrative Core Healing

    Hello, my name is Linda White, the creator of Integrative Core Healing Method, Emotional Wisdom, Core Connections and the Rainbow Energy Healing Process.  For over 18 years I’ve been honored to help thousands to heal physically and emotionally, attain life goals with greater ease, and to experience and live higher consciousness.   I acknowledge you for the powerful work you’ve done so far and would be honored to help you learn to heal, grow and thrive beyond what you believe possible or have learned to create so far.

    Integrative Core Healing is right for you if you want to:

    • Transform ingrained limiting beliefs, judgments, reactions and blockages to living your dreams and enjoying life.
    • Experience unconditional confidence, trust, happiness, love, peace, freedom of being and the faith that moves mountains and attracts miracles.
    • Heal the core conditioning causing anxiety, overwhelm, depression, resentment, self judgment, guilt, overreactions, hyper-sensitivity, unworthiness, PTSD, and other ingrained patterns
    • Alleviate mild to chronic pain, fatigue, digestive, hormonal and autoimmune issues, cancer, and other health problems.
    • Manifest success, health, positive feelings and fulfilling relationships beyond what you’ve learned to create so far
    • Stop being drained by other people’s moods and behavior and the world around you.
    • Feel okay to make your needs and desires a priority, express healthy boundaries and receive the support you deserve.
    • Connect with and experience heartfelt higher consciousness and how to apply, sustain and live it in daily life.

  1. Integrative Core Healing is also for you if you’ve done years of healing and personal growth but still haven't been able to create and sustain the level of positive feelings, health, relationships or success you see others attaining. This happens because it didn't include all the steps for healing ingrained patterns or for integrating lasting changes.  I understand how euphoric and magical it can be to learn transformational skills and open to higher awareness. I also understand how frustrating it can be when these feelings and results don’t last or only takes you so far because I went through this myself in the 90’s. (read more about my journey here)

    What makes my work unique is I’ve developed the Emotional Wisdom that takes you beyond releasing limits and learning the  higher consciousness everyone talks about, by showing you how to shift what you believe, thus feel, on core levels and to apply and sustain it in daily life.  Thus, instead of telling you to own your power, let go, don’t judge or worry, or to believe in, trust, accept and love yourself, I show you how! This is combined with connecting you with heartfelt higher consciousness, advanced energy work to clear stuffed emotions and restore physical balance and the manifestation wisdom to create life differently.

    A second factor is I've developed the wisdom to more directly and easily deprogram core conditioning. These automatic patterns are the root cause of how you generally experience life and how you react to and respond to people and circumstances, even though it’s no longer your general beliefs or you’ve released these upto the wazoo.

    The following are a few of the methods I call upon that makes what I do so unique and empowering. You can click on the images below to read more about these.

      1. Core Pattern Transformation: Become aware of and shift the underlying core beliefs, hyper-sensitivities and subconscious conditioning causing judgments, reactions, anxiety, resentment, stress, overwhelm, depression, guilt and blocking creation, healing, happiness and freedom of being.
      2. Reconnect with your Unconditional Higher Self and Soul: Experience the peace, confidence, love and wisdom of your unconditional higher self and soul.    (This is not a meditation)
      3. Integrative Emotional Wisdom: Apply in daily life the wisdom that produces and sustains the positive feelings you want more of and develops the faith that moves mountains and attracts miracles.
      4. Deprogram Core Conditioning: Heal the root cause of why judgments and emotional triggers and don’t change and develop unconditional trust, confidence, love, happiness and abundance.
      5. Advanced Energy Work: Using multiple methods of energy work, release the physical tension, stress, stuffed emotions and blockages and calm anxiety and overwhelm. Balance and re-open your body’s innate energy systems to enhance and accelerate your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.
      6. Manifestation Wisdom: Own your true nature and powers of creation and focus it to create the level and quality of relationships, health, success and inner transformation you desire.
      7. Heal Hypersensitivities: Stop being negatively affected by other people’s feelings and the sensations of the world around you and develop your innate intuitive and healing gifts.

    1. Testimonials

  1. Linda helped me to feel my true power and stop judging myself.  She helped me to better apply the life principles I'd learned so that I stayed confident and trusting however results were going. From that I was able to finally create the level of success I knew was possible but hadn't been able to achieve. Her ongoing integrative work for healing conditioning is like nothing I've seen before and as a Life & Fitness Coach I felt I'd seen it all!    -Jeanie Callen-Barat

    After  years of therapy, emotional release work, tapping and energy work  I still had the same issues re-occurring.  After our first session, I felt a level of peace and trust I'd never felt before and as I applied the wisdom she taught, it changed how I reacted to others.  Sarah McAdams

    Linda has helped me to express myself and get my needs met. The work we did saved my marriage!  --Karen Masters

    I stopped reacting. shutting down and be drained by others. I got my energy and my life back. - Susan Jennings

    After one session a lump on my thyroid was just gone! The doctor couldn’t find it anywhere. –Linda Long

    Linda helped me to heal my anxiety and pain I'd learned to live with so I could enjoy life again.    -- Martha O'Conner

    In our first session I felt a level of connection, trust, support and freedom of being I've never felt before and the constant pain I usually feel was gone.   -- Steve Wilson

    As a successful and confident CEO I didn't think I needed such work and only came because my wife made me. I'm so glad she did. She helped me to heal where how I dealt with my feelings and my wife's was making it impossible for us to resolve our differences.   As I learned to 'uncondition' these beliefs I stopped needing medication for high blood pressure, needing to control everyone and as she says, enjoy life Mo' Better! -- John Aikins.

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Have you done years of healing and personal growth but still struggle with releasing the same old judgments, limiting beliefs and mind chatter?

What is Integrative Core Healing? 

Hello, My name is Linda White. I created Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom because in the 90's after years of learning to live life principles, personal growth and healing I kept finding there were gaps in the wisdom to transform ingrained emotional, physical and life patterns. I didn’t know it at the time, but what I learned was that the missing steps, the missing wisdom was how to heal the automatic unconscious conditioning. It was these ingrained patterns that is why even if people have done years of transformation, even if they’re generally confident and positive, they keep having the same judgments, limiting mind chatter or life limits coming up.  It’s these patterns that cause people to be negatively and positively affected by other people and circumstances and though similar the steps for healing these are different than the core healing and release work most are doing.

Why doesn't the healing work currently available heal these patterns fully? Well to be honest it’s out there but taught in pieces but not all the wisdom or steps for fully healing these root causes of our why you automatically respond to life as you do.  Just as you need to put all the ingredients to make a carrot cake in the bowl to create a carrot cake so it it is with fully healing core conditioning.

What makes Integrative Emotional Wisdom unique is that it is 'HOW TO' understand and apply to daily life the principles most people teach so it always works.  Thus, instead of telling you to let go of judgment, own your power, love and accept yourself, etc., I show you how to do it. How to apply it to daily life, feelings so that you develop an UNCONDITIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS which is key to healing conditioning. This was the wisdom of HOW TO let go of your feelings being defined and caused by other people, circumstances or feelings themself! How to develop the wisdom to apply acceptance to heal judgment, own your power to heal doubt, overwhelm, anxiety and so many other pieces of Emotional Wisdom that take the struggle out of shifting feelings. Which of course increases trust, faith and other positive feelings and makes them UNCONDITIONAL!